Miniature Bull Terriers

Multi Ch, World Junior Winner, Nordic Winner Mooncraft´s Princess of Showland


Helsinki Junior Winner Mooncraft´s Regina Queen of Showland


Int & Multi Ch, Crufts Class Winner, Eurasia Winner, Rossia Winner Mooncraft´s Magic Touch Yanni House

Ch. Mooncraft´s Otrada Dushii Masserii


Int Ch, European Winner 2010 Mooncraft´s Never Say Never at Stanlei Pat

Int & Multi Ch, Interra Winner Mooncraft´s Hot Shot

Int Ch. Mooncraft´s My Sweet Lady Irgen Goldi

USA Ch. Mooncraft´s Picture Perfect at Diers

Int & Multi Ch Mooncraft´s Lets Do It TerraViva

Int & Nordic Ch. Mooncraft´s Limited Edition

Int & Multi Ch. Nordic Winner, Central-Europe Winner Mooncraft´s In Your Eyes


Ch. Mooncraft´s Look at Me

Ch. Mooncraft´s Kia Girl

Int & Multi Ch Mooncraft´s Just for Miniucco

Int & Multi Ch. Europen Junior Winner 2003 Mooncraft´s Have or Have Not

Int & Multi Ch Mooncraft´s Its Always Fair

Int & Latin-America CH Mooncraft´s Its Up to You

Int CH. Mooncraft´s Here I Go Again

USA CH Mooncraft´s I Want It All

Int Ch Mooncraft´s King of Style

JCH. Mooncraft´s Quuen of Hearts

Ch. Mooncraft´s Light Bomber

Ch. Mooncraft´s Peach to Doma Averyanovih

CH. viceEUJW Mooncraft´s Moved Into Manzana de Oro 

Int CH. Mooncraft´s Hold Me Tight

Rus CH. Mooncraft´s Legenday Lad



Canada CH. Mooncraft´s Primier Hipposleek

Rus JCH. Mooncraft´s Oprical Illusion

Est, Lv, Lt, Balt JCH Mooncraft´s Naughty by Nature








Staffordshire Bull terriers


Multi Ch, Latvian Winner Mooncraft´s Wishes and Dreams

Int & Multi Ch Mooncraft´s Uncrowned Queen



Ch. Mooncraft´s Waited Most Wanted

Multi Ch Mooncraft´s Almost Angel

Ch. Mooncraft´s Will-O´-the-Wisp

CH. Mooncraft´s As You Like

Int & Multi Ch Mooncraft´s Vanglorius Brindle Girl

Int & Multi Ch Mooncraft´s Watch Out for TerraViva

Int Ch Mooncraft´s Wisper from My Heart

Multi Ch. Mooncraft´s Action Man

Ch. Mooncraft´s Taste of Honey

Ch. Mooncraft´s Yakuza for Irinki Radost

Ch. Mooncraft´s Thats It

Estonain Winner 2000 Mooncraft´s Sundance

 Multi Ch. Mooncraft´s Sunset


Int & Multi CH Mooncrafts The Sound of Do-Re-Mi


Balt Ch, Estonian & Lithuanian Winner 2000 Mooncraft´s Sunbeam









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