CH Anterrabae Memorial Indiskret (TIBI)
19.12.2000 - 19.05.2008

International Champion
Champion of Estonia
Champion of Latvia
Champion of Lithuania
Baltic Champion
Champion of Russia
Champion of Belarus
Champion of Georgia
Champion of Finland
FCG Champion
Baltic Winner 2001-2003
Latvia Winner 2002-2003
Estonia Winner 2003-2004
Lithuania JuniorChampion
Lithuania Junior Winner 2001-2002
Latvian Junior Winner 2001

Tibi is with love bred and home-raised by Silke Kolb (Anterrabae Memorial-Germany). We thank her to letting us have this absolutely wonderful dog!

Tibi has been showed a lot with exquisite results, at age three and half years she`s Multi Champion and Multi Winner. Tibi has won lot of Best of Breeds under different judges around the world and they all give her only one valuation - excellent. Lately she started to "lose" to her puppies :-) Its a big honor for our breeding and for Tibi to produce such a wonderful puppies.
Tibi won Terrier Club Specilty show (BIS-I) in spring 2003, she has won third place in terrier group twice.

We lost our beloved mini girl during the sudden hear failure ...
You always have special place in our hearts !!!